Dancing for Josie and a better future

I met a young man today who just got out of jail after 11 months. He was matter of fact about it. He said he screwed up but he has a baby and he wants to do right now. Marcus Wylie was waiting for a ride jamming out to the music on his headphones when I saw him. I was out looking for a feature picture and this young man was a gift to me today.

“I dance because that’s what I do, it makes me happy,” he said.

Marcus lost his little sister Josie when he was just six and he remembers her laughing and dancing with him all the time. “I think she is looking down on me smiling and happy I’m dancing.”

Wylie said he doesn’t care what kind of music either. He can go from break dancing to a waltz. It doesn’t matter even if people look at him or where he is, he’ll just break out dancing.

“A lot of people don’t have the spirit in them to dance. I do. I do it for my sister.”


Now I don’t know about his past actions and the affect that had on others, but today, during our conversation, he seemed to have his head going in the right direction and I hold out great hope for him.

He reminded me of all those dance movies where dancing saved someone from ruin. I hope he finds his way into dancing and leading a positive life for his child – and for Josie looking down on him.