Dorm Room Tips

College bound? Dorm room comfort is crucial for health, happiness and academic success. Luckily, there are ways to create personalized, functional spaces within any budget.

The college shopping experts at Bed Bath & Beyond are offering tips to help.

Create Your Space

Students can showcase their style and make it home by adding an area rug, decorative pillows and throw blanket for extra warmth. Window panels, tapestries, artwork and mirrors pull the room together.

Add string-lights for atmosphere, or try an Étagère Floor Lamp with Charging Station to provide extra light for studying. Ample seating is always good for when friends pop in: consider chairs that fold when not in use to save space.

Standard-issue dorm mattresses are often uncomfortable. Build a better bed with a mattress pad, memory foam topper or fiberbed. Then, guard against allergens and spills with a mattress protector.



Most dorms require twin extra-long (TXL) sheets, which are 5” longer than normal twin sheets. Remember, students will need an extra set for laundry day.

College dorm rooms are notorious for being small. Use storage and organizational systems under the bed, over the door and in the closet. For instance, an over-the-door shoe organizer can store rolled up T-shirts, cosmetics, toiletries and school supplies. Take advantage of vertical closet space to make more room with a Double Hang Closet Rod and Slim Grips Hangers.

Use Free Resources

Some retailers provide a wealth of resources to prepare college-bound shoppers for campus life.

For example, Bed Bath & Beyond provides college-specific information, including tailored lists of what students can and can’t bring. This information is available on the School Information Pages, which can be accessed at under “Find Your School’s Info,” or in-store with an associate.

Whether living on- or off-campus, the store-provided checklist is handy, breaking down essentials. High school graduates can create a registry online or in-store to share with family and friends, as well as with roommates in order to avoid duplicates.

A free service, “Pack & Hold,” allows students to shop for items at a store near home for convenient pick-up at a location closer to campus. This is especially beneficial for students traveling far to school. Students can also prepare early by shopping online and selecting a ship date at checkout. Consider attending student shopping events and visiting to schedule an appointment with a college expert.

Power Up

Staying powered is crucial these days. Multi-functional bed risers featuring an AC outlet and USB charger maximize under-bed space while providing a grounded charging station.

Charge and protect electrical devices from voltage spikes with a surge protector. For example, the Desk Clamp Surge Protector features four regular outlets, two transformer-plug outlets and two USB ports, and clips to the edge of a desk for easy access.

At college, coffee is liquid gold. Whether pounding grounds late-night or sipping in the AM, students should consider a French Press, Pour Over, Automatic Coffee Maker or Single Serve Coffee Maker for their dorm. Don’t forget the travel mug!

With a few simple steps, you can prepare for a great year ahead by creating a dorm room that feels like home.

– StatePoint

Dorm Safety

College students have a few different living options at their disposal, but many opt for dormitory living, as it is one of the more convenient and popular boarding options, particularly for out-of-town students. Thousands of post-secondary students pack up their belongings and move away from home in the pursuit of an education, and parents want to do what they can to ensure their college-aged kids are safe.

For many students, college represents the first time they will live anywhere other than the homes they grew up in. Dorm life can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be one that may open new college students up to inherently risky situations.

While students should look forward to fun and excitement at school, it’s also important for them to be prepared for what lies ahead at college and in dorm life.

Fall in with a trustworthy group of dorm friends

Friends can be informed of your schedule for both classes and work, so they are aware of where you are supposed to be at certain times of the day. If something is amiss, these friends can alert authorities or investigate your whereabouts further.

Lock your dorm room door

 Always keep the dorm room door locked, and make sure your roommate is on the same page. Locking the door can deter people from entering without your permission and prevent theft.

Keep belongings out of sight

When preparing to move into a dorm, leave heirlooms or expensive jewelry at home. Once you move in, store your more valuable belongings out of sight or in a locked box or safe. Consider getting insurance for dorm belongings, which will protect you in the event of theft.

Travel in groups

When attending parties or other functions, always arrive and leave in a group. This offers extra protection, as assaults and other crimes are less likely to occur when criminals are outnumbered.

Know the evacuation routes

Learn your dorm’s evacuation policies. Know where all exits are and how to get out of the building if exits may be blocked. Find out if fire drills or other safety procedures are practiced, and participate in them.

Use the elevator

 If there’s an elevator, use it. Stairwells are secluded and dark and often provide the perfect opportunity for would-be criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting students.

Use common sense and trust your instincts with regard to dorm safety. Make college memories good ones by emphasizing caution.

-Metro Creative Graphics Inc.