Eagle Alerts system in place to keep students, staff safe

The Clarion Call reports
Clarion University

The Eagle Alerts system is a system through which students, staff and faculty can be made aware of emergency situations happening on or near the Clarion University campus in a timely fashion. The system is used to warn people about severe weather, incidents involving the police and other such emergencies.

The system is an opt-in program that anyone who has a Clarion University email address to register up to two cell phone numbers and up to two email addresses to receive emergency related alerts and messages.

The service is completely voluntary.

Students, staff and faculty members can register or unregister at any time.

Alerts and messages will only be sent if one is registered for this service.

These alerts and messages are only sent to all registered mobile phones and email addresses and the university website.

After the very short registration process is complete, students are also able to add a parent’s email address or phone number along with their own alternate email address or cell phone number to their account.

The university uses the Eagle Alerts system to notify students, faculty and staff of emergency events.

The information that has been entered into the system will not be shared with anyone outside of the system.

Also, if someone who is registered in the system unregisters, their information will not be kept in any way by the university after they unregister.

Before they register, students, staff and faculty members can test their phone’s ability to receive alerts.

This can be done through a link on the Eagle Alerts page on the Clarion University website.

This page is also where the link to register for the system is.

Jason Hendershot, the director of public safety and the chief of the Clarion University Police, said that the system is used when there is a “danger that is present or the possibility of danger.”

He also said that the communications team in the Public Safety building has pre-made alerts for various emergencies and emergency situations.

Mr. Hendershot also said that the alerts are not sent out by the campus police.

He continued by saying that, when a police-related alert is sent out, the police pass the message about what has happened to the communications team.

The communications team then either sends out one of the pre-made alerts, or they modify one to fit the situation and then send that out.

An example of a weather-related alert would be the tornado warning alert that was sent out on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The warning was for Venango County and lasted until 4:45 p.m.

Hendershot said, “Tornado warning alerts are only sent out a tornado has been spotted, not when just a tornado watch has been issued.”

An example of a police-related alert would be the alert that was sent out at 8:40 p.m. on Thursday, Sept 27.

The alert was about a suspect that was involved in an off-campus incident. At 8:46 p.m., a second alert was sent out, stating that the suspect was in custody.

Hendershot said that, for example, there was a gas leak on campus over the summer, and that an alert was sent out because it was a danger to the people in the building that the gas line was connected to.

The Eagle Alerts system is a system that is available to all students, staff members, and faculty members.

It is used to alert them to emergency situations that are happening on or near to the Clarion University Campus.