Family Values

When I think of family values I don’t go the same route as the conservatives or the liberals, I don’t think it has to be a traditional-type thing at all.

Family values are simple to me, love and teach your children.

That can mean a gazillion different things.

I am always intrigued when I see connections between people, but it’s that perfect connection between a parent and their child that happens as if no one was around that I really love to witness and photograph. No posing, not fake smiles, no planned ‘this is what I want others to see so they get a good impression of me’ moments. I like real, genuine moments of joy on a parent’s face because they see and feel the joy in their child’s face and body language!

I have an unofficial series of photographs of parents and children from over the years that I post occasionally in hopes that people see these and think about their own children and perhaps gather them up to go do something with them. These are two photographs I made Wednesday night at the Pet Show at Justus Park in Oil City.

One shows a happy dad who just watched his little girl take their nervous cat in front of a bunch of strangers to show off their matching tutus and compete in best cat and best costumed pet competition. Despite a few trying-to-get-away moments, both Oreo and Isabella Hazlett did very well, which made Isabella’s dad Eric beam with pride and happiness for his daughter.


The other photo was of Brierlie Walters, who lifted her daughter Olivia up in the air. They didn’t bring their pet to the show. They recently lost one dog and their other wouldn’t like to be around so many other pets and people so they just came to watch and have fun in the park.

I love my job.