Golf course gets patriotic look

Patrick Hughes employed a variety of techniques as he worked on his spray paint American flag mural at River Ridge Golf Course. (By Dillon Provenza)

River Ridge Golf Course has received some patriotic new paint jobs.

Patrick Hughes spent most of last week spray painting a mural of the American flag at the course.

Hughes also added a patriotic touch to the hole yardage signs and golf carts at the popular nine-hole course in Cranberry Township.

“For one, this flag has been through a lot,” Hughes said about the mural’s symbolism.

“The bigger picture is out there, God and the universe,” Hughes said while gesturing to the outer-space scene that peered through the weathered flag.

Hughes said he moved to Venango County in December after driving across the country from southern California with $30 in his pocket and a couple hundred dollars in spray paint.

“America is ripped up a little bit,” River Ridge co-owner Todd McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said he didn’t originally plan to have Hughes paint his course signs, golf carts and the mural, but he was so pleased with the work he already had done.

McLaughlin said he hopes to showcase the new artwork at an upcoming 4th of July weekend tournament and celebration.