Man accused of pointing loaded gun at woman

An Emlenton man is accused of loading a shotgun and pointing it in the direction of his girlfriend after an argument early Tuesday morning.

A criminal complaint filed in District Judge Patrick Lowrey’s office by Franklin state police accuses Robert Joseph Ivonowski, 28, of Lisbon Road, of damaging a residence and recklessly endangering his girlfriend.

The complaint says police were dispatched about 3 a.m. to the Lisbon Road residence for a report of a domestic dispute.

The woman told police Ivonowski had been drinking and was arguing with her. She kicked him out of the bedroom and told him he had to sleep on the couch, giving him a pillow and blanket, the complaint said.

Ivonowski became angry and tried to enter the bedroom. The woman blocked the door with her body but Ivonowski shouldered the door open, causing it to crash down on top of her, the complaint said.

She fled the bedroom and Ivonowski came after her and began smashing up the residence, according to the complaint. He smashed a kitchen chair and an ashtray, poked a hole in the living room ceiling with a chair leg and kicked his gun case, the complaint said.

The woman called 911 and Ivonowski took a shotgun out of its case and loaded it in front of her while she was speaking with a 911 operator. Ivonowski pointed the gun in her direction and said he wished she was dead, the complaint said.

The woman told police she was afraid for her life. As Ivonowski swung the barrel of the shotgun in front of her she grabbed it away from him. As the two struggled for the gun, the front site was broken off the loaded weapon, the complaint said.

After the struggle, Ivonowski laid down on the couch and the woman hid the shotgun under the bed and waited for police to arrive, the complaint said.

Police also interviewed Ivonowski at the scene. He said they were just arguing and denied smashing up the residence and putting the hole in the ceiling. He said the hole was already there, but did admit that he had been drinking, the complaint said.

The woman retrieved the shotgun and gave it to police. It was loaded with one shell in the chamber and one shell in the magazine.

Officers noted seeing a smashed chair on the kitchen floor and shattered glass from the ashtray scattered across the floor from the kitchen to the living room. They also observed a hole in the living room ceiling and noted the bedroom door was knocked completely off the door jamb and was leaning against the wall in the hallway, the complaint said.

Court documents show Ivonowski has been charged with misdemeanor counts of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

He was placed in the Venango County jail on $100,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled March 16 in Central Court.