Man charged with assault, fleeing from police at hospital

From staff reports

An Oil City man is facing felony charges in connection with an incident in the UPMC Northwest parking lot in which the man is accused of fleeing from police and running over the foot of a UPMC police officer with his truck.

Samuel Gatesman, 22, parked his vehicle at the entrance to the UPMC Northwest emergency room on June 11, according to a criminal complaint filed by UPMC police.

A passenger in Gatesman’s vehicle, Morgan Hadley, 22, of Oil City, was being loud and using profanities, the complaint said.

When UPMC police asked the pair if they were at the hospital to be seen, they were told by Gatesman they were there waiting for a friend, according to the complaint.

Police said they noted a strong smell of alcoholic beverages coming from the vehicle, the complaint said.

Police then asked Gatesman to move his vehicle because it was in an emergency vehicle zone and Gatesman refused, the complaint said.

When the officer requested Gatesman’s license, registration and proof of insurance, Gatesman put the truck into drive, revved the engine and spun the back tires while the officer yelled at him to stop, the complaint said. Gatesman than sped away in the vehicle, quickly turned left and ran over the officer’s right foot and ankle, the complaint said.

The officer ran after the truck through the parking lot while contacting Venango County 911 and yelling for other officers to contact Franklin state police, the complaint said.

The truck made two abrupt turns and drove toward the police officer and another security officer, at which point the police officer drew his service weapon and told Gatesman to stop the vehicle and show his hands, the complaint said.

Gatesman stopped the vehicle and jumped into the back seat, the complaint said.

The officer saw that neither Gatesman nor Hadley had a weapon in their hands, so he holstered his weapon and drew his taser, the complaint said.

Gatesman refused to exit the vehicle when ordered to do so and was forcibly removed and handcuffed by the police officer, the complaint said.

Hadley was also handcuffed, according to the complaint.

The complaint notes that no weapons or contraband were found on either Gatesman or Hadley.

When state police arrived they made sure everyone was OK and then left to respond to other incidents, the complaint said.

Gatesman was charged with felony counts of aggravated assault-attempts to cause or causes bodily injury and fleeing or attempting to elude an officer, and misdemeanor counts of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, DUI and disorderly conduct.

Hadley was charged with summary counts of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.