Man facing assault charges for injuring 3 people

An Oil City man is facing felony assault charges for causing serious injuries to three people during a confrontation in Cranberry Township.

A criminal complaint filed through district judge Patrick Lowrey’s office said Christen Shirey, 34, and about 20 other people were visiting a swimming area along East Sandy Creek near the bike trail known as Coulters Hole on July 27.

While there, Shirey became intoxicated and, after leaving the swimming area to return to the bike trail parking lot off Rockland Road, he discovered his car was not parked where he had left it, the complaint said.

Shirey believed his car had been stolen and he accused those at the beach area of taking it, according to the complaint.

Shirey is accused of striking a man with enough force to knock him unconscious and giving him a concussion, as well as a laceration to his left lip and eye.

The complaint said a woman was also struck repeatedly by Shirey, causing her to have a seizure.

A second man was also punched by Shirey, the complaint said, causing a broken nose in addition to lacerations and bruising to his face.

The two men who were injured were ages 32 and 61, while the woman was 33 years old, the complaint said.

Shirey is also accused of threatening other patrons in the area.

He was arraigned Tuesday by Lowrey on charges including three felony counts of aggravated assault, three misdemeanor counts of simple assault, three misdemeanor counts of recklessly endangering another person, three counts of harassment, two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of public drunkenness.

Shirey was placed in the Venango County jail after failing to post $100,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday in Venango County Central Court.