Multimodal hub plans would bring additional parking to OC

Staff writer

Proposed plans for the Oil City multimodal hub would bring some additional public parking spaces to downtown Oil City.

The news came Tuesday out of a meeting of the Venango County Regional Planning Commission.

Sixteen standard public parking spaces will be available in the hub’s parking lot once the project is complete, planning commission staff said Tuesday. Those spaces, which may be used during the daytime, will likely be metered.

An additional 157 non-metered spaces will be open for public parking after business hours and on weekends, they said.

The multimodal project is six weeks ahead of schedule, said Jason Ruggiero, planning commission executive director.

“This is a great start to our multimodal project,” he said.

PennDOT has said that the goal is to put the project out to bid by the fall.

Construction of the 25,000-square-foot facility that will serve as a base for the county’s transit operations in PennDOT’s parking lot would then take place in 2018.

Proposed plans call for a brick faade on the main building to fit in with the historic downtown, said Emily Donaldson, planning commission deputy director.

The overall feel of the proposed project is campus-like, she said.