OC man accused of assault against woman and 2 men

An Oil City man is facing charges after being accused of assaulting three people at an Oil City residence on Friday.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Oil City police, Jonathan Leonard, 39, became aggravated with a woman at a Plum Street home at about 2 a.m. and said he was going to hit her.

Another man stepped between Leonard and the woman to protect her, so Leonard grabbed the man and threw him into a wall, the complaint said, and the man’s brother stepped in and was struck in the head.

The woman and the brothers ran outside, but they went back into the house when they realized that none of them had a cell phone, the complaint said.

Leonard told the three that he was also missing his cellphone and they weren’t going anywhere until he found it; then he blocked the front door with his body and said that no one was leaving, the complaint said.

The woman and the three brothers ran to the back door, the complaint said, chased by Leonard, who grabbed one brother by the leg, pulled him into the house and grabbed him by the throat.

The woman pulled Leonard’s hair, causing him to let go of the man, the complaint said.

About this time, police arrived at the house and found the woman outside yelling for police to hurry because Leonard was attacking “them,” the complaint said.

Upon entering the house, police found Leonard holding the brothers in headlocks, the complaint said, and the officers pulled Leonard away from them.

Leonard began resisting officers and yelling that he would not be arrested in his own house, and that he would die before being arrested, the complaint said.

After a scuffle, police arrested Leonard and found a broken meth pipe in his pocket, the complaint said.

Leonard has been charged with three misdemeanor counts of simple assault, three misdemeanor counts of unlawful restraint/ serious bodily injury, as well as misdemeanor counts of strangulation, resist arrest/other law enforcement and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was arraigned before District Judge Patrick Lowrey on Friday and placed in the Venango County jail with bail denied due to him being on parole.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday before Lowrey.


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