OC, Venango Catholic teachers post videos for students

Teachers at Oil City’s South Side elementary schools and at Venango Region Catholic School are sending videos to their students. The videos are available to view at the end of this story.

The Oil City teachers took a moment to send encouragement to their students with a YouTube video Wednesday morning.

While the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” played in the background, each teacher told their students how much they missed them.

“We call our students ‘our kids’ because in our year together they aren’t just kids on our class list, they become part of our heart,” the video began.

“We love you, miss you and hope you are safe and kind to your family,” the teachers told the kids.

Several staff members also told the students they missed them and were taking care of the building and food preparation while waiting for school to resume.

Fluffy dogs, turtles and other pets made an appearance in several of the greetings. One of the greetings, from Smedley Street first-grade teacher Stacey Sopher, featured many balloons and the encouragement to be kind to family members.

The video ended, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and more loved than you know.”

Meanwhile, Venango Region Catholic School put together a video for the school system’s Facebook page Wednesday with selfies of the teachers and staff holding encouraging messages.

Many of the signs said “I miss you”, and others featured humorous messages related to the teachers’ fields of instruction.