Oil City construction projects continue

Several construction projects have been ongoing around Oil City the last few weeks as summer draws to a close.

Scaffolding continues to rise high in the North Side business district at the 100 Seneca building overlooking Town Square, where several parts of the sidewalk are being replaced.

The scaffolding at 100 Seneca has been a fixture for several months as exterior masonry work continues on the former Mellon Bank building.

The sidewalk work at Town Square began in late August, coinciding with the replacement of the railroad crossing on Seneca Street near Veterans Bridge, which led to congested traffic in Oil City for a couple of days.

The sidewalk work is currently on hold due to the weather, city manager Mark Schroyer said. The plan had been to pour cement for the sidewalk next week, and if the weather is good they may start with the cement work, he added.

In case of bad weather next week, the cement will be poured the week of Sept. 19, Schroyer said. He added that “a good week” of nice weather is needed to pour the cement.

The project includes replacement of eight light poles and sidewalk reconstruction around Town Square.

The sidewalk along Town Square on the Sycamore Street side is also being replaced, and that has resulted in the closure of the portion of Sycamore beside the Elks club and the loss of parking spaces there the last few weeks.

Sections of the sidewalk and curbs on the other three sides of the square are also being patched or replaced.

The projected cost of the sidewalk project is $103,800, and the money for the work is coming from the city’s 2018 and 2019 Community Development Block Grant allotment.

Over on the South Side, workers with Thompson Electric of Ohio have been replacing poles for Penelec in the area of St. Stephen Church, Rocko’s Pizzeria and the big fountain.

And various projects on West First Street and some other South Side locales have also been going on.


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