Polk man recovering from rabid bobcat attack

A Polk man is recovering after he was attacked by a rabid bobcat that was hiding under his home’s front porch.

Alex Fink said he was reaching into the crawl space outside his home on Saturday when the animal attacked. He says the bobcat’s face was covered in porcupine quills.

Fink’s arms, head and upper torso were scratched and bitten by the animal.

Fink says he was trying to kick the bobcat off him and punch it, but all he could hear was “crunch, crunch, crunch” as the bobcat bit him.

He says he thought the attack would never end, but he managed to escape and was taken to the Grove City Hospital for treatment.

Pennsylvania Game Commission game warden Jason Amory euthanized the bobcat, and tests showed the animal was rabid.

Amory said the bobcat also attacked a puppy a few hours earlier in the same area. The puppy had puncture wounds to its neck.

Fink and the puppy are undergoing rabies shots.