Robotics Seeds for Rural Dreams

Student Contributor

On Feb. 11, the Pennsylvania Rural Robotics Initiative was awarded a $361,600 grant as a part of Gov. Tom Wolf’s PASmart Initiative. The PA Rural Robotics Initiative, formed last summer, is composed of Franklin, Oil City, Cranberry, Brookville, Clarion Limestone, Dubois, Forest, North Clarion, Valley Grove, VTC, Keystone, and Redbank school districts as well as the IU6 in Clarion.

A mobile RAD (Robotics and Drones) Lab will be purchased with $299,000. The lab will be used to teach 3rd to 12th grade students, depending on the school.

The funds will be divided between each district in the initiative and teach robotics basics to students who otherwise wouldn’t learn about these concepts.

The rest of the grant will be to further the training of these districts’ STEM teachers and help create two new dual enrollment courses at Clarion University: Intro to Python and Intro to Robotics.

The future of robotics is bright and will offer students unique opportunities that will plant seeds and encourage students to dream.

Dylan Lu is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications group.