Rouseville couple takes over at Oil Creek campground

The Titusville-based Oil Creek Family Campground has some new owners.

Penny and David Turner, who have operated the campgrounds for 24 years, have retired and sold the grounds to Kevin and Rachel Lamb of Rouseville.

“We just kept it as a low-key, relaxing type place to be,” Penny Turner said.

“We actually bought the campground thinking we were retiring,” Turner said.

During the camp’s season, which lasts from about spring to fall, there was always work to be done as the Turners lived on the campgrounds.

“Pretty much when we are working, it’s 24-7,” she said.

Turner said she and her husband will be moving back to Michigan to be with their family, especially their grandchildren.

Turner said they began their search for a campground more than two decades ago.

“We started looking in Michigan and we didn’t really find what we were looking for,” Turner said.

They found the oil region campground to be just what they were looking for.

“It was pretty rustic and it was back away from everything and we upgraded it to what we wanted, but kept it rustic,” Turner said.

Meanwhile, Kevin Lamb said “we want to keep the same rustic feel that Dave and Penny had.”

Lamb said he is very familiar with the campgrounds since it was a summer staple of his childhood. More recently he has been bringing his family, which includes three girls ages four to eight.

“We’ve always come here for years, once or twice during the summer,” Lamb said. “We always enjoyed the place and the kids always enjoyed it.”

Turner said the campground saw tens of thousands of people stay over the years. This included children who have grown up and came back with kids of their own.

Turner also said campers from at least 12 countries have stayed there.

Turner said she and David will stay until the end of the month to help with a smooth transition for the new owners.

“I think it will be kind of a easy transition for them since they know so many people,” Turner said.

Rachel Lamb will run the campground, and Kevin Lamb said his landscaping company, Oil Valley Outdoor Services, will help suit him for camp maintenance.

The campground isn’t open due to statewide coronavirus restrictions, but Lamb said he is staying productive by working on renovations seven days a week and late nights with the help of local businesses Snyder Electric and Total Lawn Care.

“We’re planning on opening as soon as possible. Last I heard that was May first but that can continue to change,” Lamb said.