Charges against former OC man may be refiled in shooting

OC Shooting

Devin Stevenson, 21, who is accused of shooting two students in a marijuana deal gone wrong just off the campus of Edinboro University on March 20, 2015, was scheduled to stand trail beginning Monday.

But one of the victims in the shooting – O’Shae Imes – died March 19 at Strong Memorial Hospital in his hometown of Rochester, New York.

Erie County assistant district attorney Nate Strasser said Friday Imes had been in the hospital since the shooting and never fully recovered from his injuries.

Strasser said the Rochester district attorney’s office requested a medical evaluation of Imes’ body to determine the exact cause of death, and that has put Stevenson’s trial on hold for the time being.

Strasser said he was told the investigation could take months.

The original charges against Stevenson have been withdrawn while the medical exam continues, but Strasser said they will be refiled if results reveal that Imes did not die as a result of the shooting.

If the exam determines Imes did die as a result of the shooting, Strasser said he would have grounds to charge Stevenson with homicide in addition to the charges that have already been filed.