Residents have about a month to challenge broadband map

From staff reports

The Federal Communications Commission, as part of the development of new broadband maps, has requested that the public submit necessary challenges to pre-production draft maps, which are now available on the FCC website.

The public can view the maps by visiting and searching for their address to see information about the fixed and mobile services that internet providers report are available there.

If the fixed internet services shown are not available at the user’s location, they may file a challenge with the FCC directly through the map interface to correct the information.

Map users will also be able correct information about their location and add their location to the map if it is missing. The draft map will also allow users to view the mobile wireless coverage reported by cellular service providers.

These updated maps will directly tie to the allocation of billions of dollars across the nation, based upon the needs show by the maps. Presently, funding through the federal government is waiting to be distributed to U.S. states and territories.

The deadline to complete a challenge is Jan. 13.

Challenges can be made by visiting the FCC website at and searching for an address.

Step-by-step instructions, as well as a video-tutorial, are available on the Clarion County Economic Development Corp.’s website,


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