Cornplanter, Sugarcreek precincts will merge; Rockland won’t change

By Saxon Daugherty  Staff Writer

Venango County Judge Robert L. Boyer has approved the consolidation of voter precincts in Cornplanter Township and Sugarcreek Borough.

But Boyer denied the merging of two precincts in Rockland Township.

Boyer heard testimony on the proposal last week after the Venango County Board of Elections petitioned the Court of Common Pleas for the consolidation of election districts Cornplanter 1 and 2, Rockland 1 and 2 and Sugarcreek Borough 1 and 4.

Denise Jones, who is contracted with Venango County to serve as director of elections, testified that it would save money and be more efficient to combine voter precincts in the county.

Boyer ruled that the consolidation of Sugarcreek 1 and 4 is appropriate because the locations are only about six and a half blocks from each other. Sugarcreek 1 was the Rocky Grove Fire Hall and Sugarcreek 4 was the Sugarcreek Borough administrative office.

The proposed combined location will be the Rocky Grove Fire Hall.

As for Cornplanter 1 and 2, Boyer ruled in favor of the merger because it will create a more centrally located polling place, and it will sit at a location where the major arterial roads meet.

The proposed combined polling location will be the Masonic Lodge at 957 Route 227.

Lastly, Boyer determined combining Rockland 1 and 2 would promote the public interest, but it would not suit the convenience of the electors located in Rockland because both routes require voters to travel a significant distance outside of Rockland Township to be redirected back into the township.

There are no direct roadways between Rockland 1 and 2, and they run through a rural setting that could create hazardous conditions during inclement weather, the court order said.