Expo shows off Oil City sports choices for middle schoolers

Seventh- and eighth-grade students at the Oil City Middle School dabbled in the many sports offered at Oil City High School on Wednesday during the school’s Sports Expo event.

The day was warm and sunny, and the students rotated between the high school gym, sports fields, the swimming pool and wrestling room learning about the various sports and gaining points through activities.

“It’s a bit of a friendly competition to get the kids to go to each station with prizes for who gets the most points in each grade,” Tim Swartzfager, the middle school English and social studies teacher who organized the sports expo, said.

“We try to do at least one event from each of the sports offered at the high school so the kids can try them out and see what they like,” Swartzfager added.

The idea is to expose middle school students to all the sports the high school offers. It doubles as a recruitment effort for high school sports.

High school athletes at 15 stations representing aspects of cross country, track and field, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, golf, cheerleading, wrestling, football, swimming and volleyball showed the middle schoolers what their sports are all about.

The expo continues today for the Oil City fifth- and sixth-grade students.