Festival art show winners announced

From staff reports

“Day Off” by D.P. Warner won the Best in Show award at this year’s Oil Heritage Festival Art Show.

The People’s Choice awards went to “Rufus” by Deac Mong and “La Tour Eiffel” by Amber Holt.

Here is a rundown of the other art show winners:

Amateur adult watercolors/pastels: First place – Mixed Up Me by Bailee Plowman; second place – Half Dancer Half Artist by Bailee Plowman; and third place – Show Yourself by Brayleigh Vath Sterling

Professional adult watercolors/pastels: First place – Summer Fawns by Sue Padalino; second place – Oil City Neighborhood by Susan McGuire; and third place – Last Ship to Sail by Ann Witherup Rudegeair

Amateur adult oils/acrylics: First place – Quarantine by Gabrielle Garmong; second place – Smooth Sailing by Dana Shuffstall; and third place – Blue Grotto by Maddy Bloom

Professional adult oils/acrylics: First place – O Well-Painted Passion by George Cooley; second place – Day Off by D. P. Warner; and third place – Heron 1 by Marcy Hall

Amateur adult three-dimensional art: First place – Bi-Plane by James Chase; second place – Acorn Park by James Chase; and third place – White Lies Matter by David Mayer

Professional adult three-dimensional: First place – The Medusa by Brenda S. Martinez; second place – Feeding Flamingo by Heidi Wirtner; and third place – Bible Box Bingo by George Cooley

Amateur adult graphics/mixed media: First place – Quatros Gatos by Francis Connelly; second place – Untitled by Francis Connelly; and third place – Ghouls by Francis Connelly

Professional adult graphics/mixed media: First place – The Morning Conversation by Kim Keller; second place – Faith & Doubt by Margaret Brostrom; and third place – Cheetah by Mike Roser

Amateur adult fiber arts: First place – Blizzard Warning by Lynda Bentley; second place – Lost in Time Shawl by Lynda Bentley; and third place – Angel by Lynda Bentley

Professional adult fiber arts: First place – Three Cats by Rebecca Getchell; second place – Lola the Lotus Lover by Kim Kelle; and third place – Garden Exotics by Rebecca Getchell

Amateur adult photography: First place – Red Rock by Kylie Jo Yates; second place – Just Breathe by Christine Manning; and third place – Glimpse of History by Tomann Rice

Professional adult photography: First place – Monastery, Patmos Greece by Sandra Deligiannis; second place – Judgement Day by Dick Dunlap; and third place – Bass Harbor by Kyle D. Yates

Young adult non-photography: First place – Ashes of Eden by Hannah Niederriter; second place – Fall Nights by Madalynn Bunyak; and third place – Ginger Snap by Hannah Niederriter

Child non-photography: First place – Blue Heron on Slate by Caralynn Stevenson; and second place – Untitled by Brooklyn Holowell

Young adult photography: First place – Different Perspective by Maddie Wagner; second place – Leaf by Natalie Shevock; and third place – Wildflower by Kelly O’Brien

ARTS Oil City and the Oil City Arts Council coordinated the show, and the judges were Ana Hartvigson, Stephen Trohoske, Lena Logvina, and Maureen James.

Exhibit patrons cast more than 500 ballots for the People’s Choice award. Best In Show was selected by the show’s coordinators separately from the independent judges’ selections.

“This year’s Oil Heritage Festival Art Show was one of the best attended in recent memory,” ARTS Oil City noted in a press release.