Franklin pair facing charges for domestic dispute

A Franklin couple is facing multiple charges as a result of a domestic dispute that turned physical in their residence.

Sugarcreek Borough police said they were called Wednesday morning to a residence on Red Bridges Lane for a report of an altercation between Kevin Frazer, 31, and Brianne Frazer, 28.

Police said the pair began arguing over whose turn it was to feed a baby that lived in the home, one of two children under the age of two in the residence at the time of the dispute.

Brianne Frazer slapped Kevin Frazer across the face after he started screaming and yelling at her, police said.

The slap seemingly enraged Kevin Frazer, who proceeded to try to choke Brianne Frazer, who then grabbed a nearby knife, causing him to release her, according to police.

After being released, Brianne Frazer threw the knife at Kevin Frazer, barely missing him, police said.

Kevin Frazer took the knife into a nearby field and threw it away, according to police, then returned to the residence and once again tried to choke Brianne Frazer.

While being choked, Brianne Frazer took a nearby coffee cup and smashed it over Kevin Frazer’s head, causing an open wound that caused him to stop choking her so he could go check on it, police said.

The two children in the residence were later removed by Children and Youth Services, according to police.

Kevin Frazer is facing a felony charge of strangulation as well as misdemeanor charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct.

Brianne Frazer is facing a felony charge of aggravated assault as well as misdemeanor charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct.

The pair have been lodged at the Venango County jail on $7,500 bail, and their preliminary hearings are scheduled Wednesday in Central Court.