Man facing many charges after domestic altercation in OC home

A Titusville man is facing numerous charges following an incident Sunday evening in Oil City in which he is accused of strangling his mother and another woman and refusing to allow them to leave a residence.

Oil City police said in a criminal complaint that at about 6 p.m. Sunday, Kalib Campbell, 21, who had been out drinking, came back to a residence on Bissell Avenue under the influence.

Campbell became angry because a woman in the house kept pausing the TV and then she went to bed when he became upset, making him more upset, the complaint said.

Campbell then began to destroy things in the living room and was asked to leave by his mother, but he refused to leave, the complaint said.

She also retrieved her firearm because Campbell threatened to kill both women, according to the complaint.

The other woman, who had gone to bed, tried to leave the house, but Campbell choked her when she tried to leave, the complaint said. She was able to escape the home and ran to a neighbor’s house to call police, the complaint said.

Campbell’s mother was unable to leave the house because he said he would kill her if she tried to leave, the complaint said. He then kicked her in the side of the head and she became unconscious on the living room floor, according to the complaint.

When she came to, she observed Campbell trashing the house and breaking things, so she told him to stop, the complaint said. Campbell then choked her and she passed out again, according to the complaint.

When she came to a second time, she heard police knocking on the door and ordering them to come out of the house, the complaint said. Campbell told her not to go to the door and open it, according to the complaint.

Oil City police had been dispatched by Venango County 911 for an active domestic with a firearm involved, the complaint said.

When police arrived, they set up a perimeter and waited for state police to arrive and back them up because a firearm was involved, the complaint said.

Oil City police then went to the front door of the residence, knocked and announced themselves, and told those in the house to come out with their hands up, the complaint said.

The complaint notes that no one opened the door immediately, but then the door opened and Campbell and his mother came out.

Campbell was taken into custody, the complaint said.

Campbell has been charged with two felony counts each of strangulation-applying pressure to throat or neck and aggravated assault-attempts to cause or causes serious bodily injury or causes injury with extreme indifference, two misdemeanor counts each of false imprisonment, harassment, recklessly endangering another person and disorderly conduct, and single misdemeanor counts of possession of controlled substances and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was arraigned Monday and placed in the Venango County jail with bail denied due to him being a threat to society.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled Jan. 19 in Central Court.