3rd-vaccine doses to be administered

From staff reports

UPMC Northwest’s third-dose COVID-19 vaccine clinic will be open to immunocompromised individuals requiring a third dose of Pfizer vaccine from noon to 2 p.m. Tuesday in the hospital’s Courtyard Conference Room.

People eligible include:

•Those with a solid organ transplant who are taking immunosuppressant therapy (not all transplant patients take medication to suppress the immune system).

•Those who are receiving chemotherapy for solid tumors or blood cancers.

•Those who have received CAR-T cell therapy or a stem-cell transplant in the past two years or currently taking immunosuppressant therapy as part of this process (a relatively small group).

•Those who have moderate or severe primary immune deficiency diseases.

•Those with advanced or untreated HIV infection.

•Those who are actively taking high-dose steroids (greater than or equal to 20 milligrams per day), alkylating agents or anti-metabolites (typically for cancer), transplant-related medication to suppress the immune system, many chemotherapy meds, and TNF blockers such as Remicade for rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’s Disease.

To schedule a third dose, call (844) 876-2822. Appointments are strongly encouraged.