Franklin honors Beith

Ronnie Beith, the beloved Franklin events and marketing coordinator, was honored for her tireless work for the city on Sunday.

Aug. 8, 2021, was declared Ronnie Beith Day after Franklin Mayor Doug Baker read a proclamation during the Taste of Talent finals.

The stage was filled with representatives of various Franklin councils and commissions as they surprised Beith with the recognition.

“I was beyond surprised,” said Beith, who received a big standing ovation from the crowd.

Taste of Talent judges Rachael Mellor and Nathaniel Licht sang “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andre Bocelli in honor of Beith.

Jess Carroll, administrator of the Franklin Retail & Business Association, said to the crowd, “if you enjoy Thursday night concert series, farmers market, Franklin on Ice, 4th of July festivities, Taste of Franklin, Rockin Riverfest, light up night, children’s penny carnival and on and on… then I guarantee you have smiled because of Ronnie Beith.”

Carroll described Beith as having tireless love of Franklin and mustard seed faith.

“First with her husband Bill, and now in his memory, she keeps our town ‘always eventful’,” Carroll said.

Bill Beith had been the recreation coordinator for Franklin for many years, and Ronnie volunteered for 30 years by her husband’s side to serve the city.

After Bill Beith died in January 2007, Ronnie Beith said they made the events and marketing coordinator position for her.

“I said if you give me a desk I’ll do it,” she said.