OC police producing safety booklets, flyers

The Oil City Police Department is partnering with L.A.W. Publications to produce various awareness and safety booklets and flyers.

A representative of L.A.W. Publications will be in the area for about a week raising funds for a new set of magazines and other educational materials, Oil City police chief Dave Ragon said.

The magazines and flyers, which police distribute to the community, cover a wide range of topics including drug identification, scams, elder abuse, and domestic abuse, Ragon said.

He added that there are also magazines geared toward older and younger teens about topics like peer pressure and “making better choices,” as well as coloring books about topics like bike and playground safety for children.

Another flyer put out by the police department is for parents to let them know about the apps their children may be accessing.

Ragon said the police department has been working with L.A.W. Publications since the late 1990s. He noted that the magazines and flyers don’t cost the department or the city any money but are sponsored by businesses that take out ads in the magazines.

Businesses interested in sponsoring the magazines and pamphlets may call the police department at (814) 678-3080.