Students Delight in Local Dairies

Cranberry High School students Nyah Orie and McKenzie Deloe taste test dairy products during the school's Dairy Day. (Photo by Breann Clark/Student contributor)

Cranberry High School cafeteria staff member Connie Schwabeneauer fills cups with chocolate peanut butter milk from Mitch-Hill Dairy. (Photo by Breann Clark/Student contributor)

Student contributor

A legen-dairy event took place at Cranberry High School on Jan. 25.

Milk from Mitch-Hill Dairy, Fairview Farms yogurt, and fresh-cut cheese sourced from Schneider Dairy were served during all lunch periods to celebrate the school’s annual Dairy Day.

Students were encouraged to sample dairy products to promote healthier dietary choices and the nutritional benefits of dairy.

Cranberry health teacher Melanie Oliver said, “I think it’s good that we have a lot of students go through the line and try these new foods.”

Brookelyn Miller, one of the students helping out with Dairy Day, found it beneficial: “It helps the kids explore and try more dairy products.”

Dairy Day began as a way to expose students to the benefits of locally-sourced dairy products and has developed into an annual event at the school, promoting the incorporation of dairy into a well-balanced diet.


Breann Clark is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.