Leaf collections scheduled

Oil City collections:

Oil City street crews will use the leaf collection machine next week on the following streets:

Tuesday – Seely Avenue, Harriott Avenue (Bissell Avenue to Hone Avenue), Smithman Street, Bishop Avenue, Carroll Avenue, Deer Street, Spruce Street, Emerald Street, Clearfield Street, Crawford Street, Bissell Avenue (Plummer Street to Manning Street), Hoffman Avenue (Plummer Street to Manning Street), Manning Street, Jefferson Street, Chestnut Street.

Wednesday – Cooper Avenue, Gay Street, Lawrence Street, Merrit Street, High Street, Oak Grove Street, Willow Street, Walbash Avenue, Portland Avenue, Carson Avenue, Siverly Avenue, River Street, Colbert Avenue, Plum Street, Martin Street, Kramer Avenue, Alcorn Avenue, Regan Drive, Pierce Avenue, Gateway Drive.

Thursday – Upper Seldon Avenue, Lower Seldon Avenue, Woodlawn Avenue, Union Street, Lewis Alley, Charlton Street, Mead Street, Clark Summitt area.

Each street will be done only once during the season. Streets will be posted and vehicles should be moved off the streets by 7 a.m.

Residents are advised that leaves could be picked up a day earlier if time permits, but collection would only be along the side of the street where parking is prohibited.

Leaves should be raked to the curb line and not into the street.

Residents may place leaves in biodegradable paper bags and deposit them at the curb for collection. They may call the city manager’s office at 678-3012 to request bag pickup.

Franklin collections:

The City of Franklin street department will pick up leaves with its vacuum machines next week in the following areas:

Monday – holiday

Tuesday – the Oak Hill area

Wednesday – both sides of Orchard and Pacific streets and the Oak Hill area

Thursday – both sides of Grant Street and Atlantic Avenue

Friday – the Greentree side, airport side, of Franklin Heights

Residents should rake their leaves to the edge of their front lawns, not onto the street, for pickup by city crews.

City workers will pick up biodegradable bags (no plastic bags) of leaves on Tuesday and Friday this week.

Questions may be directed to the city garage by calling 437-1600 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays.