The Beginning of the School Year For Oil City High School

Student contributor

The first few weeks of school have opened a new chapter in the lives of students at Oil City High School. The school has welcomed back its students for the 2022-23 school year. Though juniors and sophomores bring new memories to their books, seniors and freshman bring big life events to their stories. The upperclassmen welcome the upcoming class of 2026 while preparing to part with the class of 2023.

The high school added new sets of expectations and rules for the school year. First, the school brought back regulations from before the pandemic took its toll. This includes ending the mask mandate, social distancing, contact tracing, and more. The school hopes to continue to give the students a pandemic-free school year.

Second, the principals introduced a modern version of the dress code to the students. The dress code includes removing outdated rules like not allowing students to show the midriff. They also introduced new regulations for dealing with students’ electronics. While the other school districts decided to not allow their students to use their phones at all, OCHS did not follow in their footsteps. The principals that they believed students should learn now how to handle when and where in their career it is appropriate to use electronics.

Though the school district has welcomed back their students with many new regulations, they added events to begin the year. This includes Friday night football games, homecoming spirit week and dance with Cranberry Area School District, the homecoming parade, and many more.


Alexandria Power is a student at Oil City High School and a member of the school’s Oiler News staff.