A little spot of color

A male scarlet tanager in Pinegrove Township.

While the weather was a little drab last week, the visiting and returning birds provided a little bit of color to brighten up the days. At least two pairs of Baltimore orioles are now visiting my feeder. The indigo bunting has been visiting the feeder quite regularly. Last weekend, two pairs of scarlet tanagers appeared and were easily the brightest thing in the forest.


A male scarlet tanager in Pinegrove Township.




A house finch is on the top perch and an indigo bunting is on the bottom perch.



It won’t be long until the honeysuckle will be out.



A bumblebee feeds on some lilacs at the beginning of last week.



By Sunday the lilacs were weighed down by snow.



Wild strawberry blossoms



Raindrops on a sassafras leaf.



Ferns ready to unfurl



Decisions, decisions: A gray squirrel decides which birdfeeder to visit.



Clean-up crew: A chipping sparrow cleans some dog hair out of a welcome mat.

Crazy Critters



Cooperation at its finest: Kennedy (brown) “helps” Kyle (black) take off his new collar.



Never an empty box: Beans looks out from her cardboard castle.


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(Anna Applegate is a newsroom staffer at The Derrick and The News-Herald and manages the Good Times entertainment section.)