A Winter Wonderland in Cranberry

A group of friends have fun building a pyramid at the Cranberry High School’s winter formal dance. Featured in the photo are Micah Wry, Garett Houge, Alex Fike, Damian Fike, Alyssa Wright, Christan Miller, Maria Anderson, Hailey Irwin, and Fiona Moon (Photograph contributed by student Alaina Hogue)

Michael Gunn and Abigail Pedley were crowned king and queen at Cranberry High School’s winter formal dance. (Photograph contributed by Kaitlyn Barnett)

Student contributor

This year Cranberry High School students put on their dancing shoes for the first winter formal in over 15 years.

Cranberry’s student council and the student body decided that they wanted to plan a winter formal, since Cranberry’s homecoming was combined with Oil City High School earlier in the year.

The winter formal dance took place at CHS on Saturday, Jan. 11, and was for Cranberry students in 9th-12th grade.

Heather Motter, senior high student council adviser, said, “It was an opportunity to have our own dance since homecoming was with Oil City. I thought it was very intimate and an elegant affair.”

A half an hour before the dance started, the crowning of the winter formal court took place.

The 2020 Cranberry Winter Wonderland Court Representatives included 9th graders Mackenzie Karns and Collin Zerbe, 10th graders Regan King and Kenny Laverich, and 11th graders Savanna Scott and Nick Richar.

The 2020 Cranberry Winter Wonderland Court included Elizabeth Adams, Madison Buchanan, Abigail Hanna, Abigail Pedley, Jenna Seigworth, Bupe Watson, Austin Collins, Alex Finch, Michael Gunn, Andrew Jordan, David Mullen, and Jacob Umstead.

The winners of the Winter Wonderland King and Queen are Michael Gunn and Abigail Pedley.

Gunn commented, “I’m happy to represent our class; the dance was a rocking good time!”

A lot of the students had a great experience, and the student body feedback has been wonderful.

Maria Anderson, 10th grade, has never been to a Cranberry dance before and said, “For being my first Cranberry dance, winter formal truly was an incredible experience! I had a ton of fun with my friends and I really hope we have another one next year.”


Abby Hanna is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.