Clarion student charged in two domestic incidents

Staff writer

A Clarion University student is facing multiple charges in connection with two domestic dispute incidents.

Two criminals complaint filed through district judge Duane Quinn’s office indicate that Tyler Austin Rhodes, 18, of Lewistown, was involved in incidents March 22 and March 28.

In the March 28 incident, Clarion University police said they were dispatched to Main Street Suites at Clarion University for a welfare check at about 8 p.m., according to the complaint.

Police said a woman said she wasn’t OK when asked by police, the complaint said. The woman also told police that Rhodes had been hitting her for some time and that he had punched her on the head and the left ear about two hours before police arrived, the complaint said.

While at the scene, police noticed red marks on her head, scratches behind her ear and clothing thrown around her residence, the complaint said. He computer was broken by Rhodes, and in the previous weeks he had thrown water bottles at her, punched her and thrown her to the bed or ground, according to the complaint.

In the other incident, Clarion University police met with a woman who said Rhodes physically assaulted her between 10 p.m. March 21 and 3 a.m. March 22, the complaint said.

The woman told police Rhodes had become upset when he found cards and letter from an old boyfriend of the woman and began to question her about the last time she spoke to the former boyfriend, the complaint said.

Rhodes then threw the cards at the woman, and she said Rhodes became more angry and pushed her against a bed, bent her backwards and placed both his hands on her neck and started to choke her, the complaint said.

The woman said she tried to push Rhodes’ hands away from her neck when he placed his right forearm on her neck and grabbed both of her arms, the complaint said. The woman said she couldn’t breathe and began not to hear anything, according to the complaint.

Rhodes then got off the woman’s neck and she was able to get up, and at that time he pushed her in the chest, causing her to lose her balance, according to the complaint.

After things calmed down, the woman went into the bathroom and Rhodes came in and wouldn’t let her get into the shower, the complaint said. She said Rhodes got into her face and punched her in the left side of the stomach with a closed fist.

The woman also said she pushed Rhodes at that time, and he told her he was going to break her jaw, according to the complaint. He then said he could kill her “right now,” and he headbutted her in the nose, causing her to drop to the floor in pain, the complaint said.

She got up and Rhodes spat in her face, and then she pushed Rhodes away, causing his lip to bleed slightly, the complaint said.

Rhodes then told the woman he was going to call police and have her arrested, according to the complaint.

Rhodes was arraigned Tuesday on two counts each of strangulation, applying pressure to the neck or throat, and unlawful restraint, three charges of simple assault, four counts each of disorderly conduct and harassment, two criminal mischief charges and a count of terroristic threats.

Rhodes is in the Clarion County jail after failing to post $55,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled April 18.