County received more than 100 CARES applications

Venango County has received more than 100 applications from businesses and non-profits for grants out of the county’s CARES money since a grant application process was launched last week.

The county received $4.5 million in CARES Act funds and has allocated a portion of the money to help businesses, non-profits and volunteer fire departments.

“We got a lot of response from businesses, which reflects a need,” Sam Breene, chairman of the county commissioners, said.

The county had received 138 applications from businesses and nine from non-profits as of Monday afternoon, Breene said.

The application process for non-profits was launched Thursday morning, several days after the application process for businesses started.

“Non-profits are also suffering, not only because many fund-raisers have been canceled because of the virus but they are reluctant to ask businesses like they normally would because the businesses are suffering,” Breene said.

The county has separate grant applications for small businesses and non-profits and volunteer fire departments that can be found on the county website, Breene said.

Businesses and non-profits (501C3 and 501C19 organizations) can apply for a grant of up to $5,000 out of the county’s CARES money.

Priority will go to businesses and non-profits that haven’t already received pandemic related assistance from the government.

Businesses with less than 100 employees are eligible.

Each volunteer fire department in Venango County is eligible for a grant of $10,000 that the departments must apply for.

The deadline to turn in an application is Aug. 15, and Breene said the goal is to have the money disbursed by Aug. 30.