Cranberry officials creating plan for studies

From staff reports

Students in Cranberry Area School District have been advised that school officials are creating a plan for educational studies while the schools are not in session.

District Superintendent Bill Vonada notified students’ families that the district has received guidance from the state Department of Education on “how we may attempt to provide education for our students during the period of school closure based on feasibility and availability of resources.”

Vonada said the district is trying to accomplish that “through enrichment and review activities.” The remote learning plan is optional because federal law requires all students’ needs be met.

“If not every student has the ability to access and participate in instruction, we cannot proceed with required lessons,” he said.

As a result, there will be no formal assignments or grading, and attendance will not be taken. The optional learning experiences, though, “will help to keep children engaged while they are home,” said Vonada.

“I speak for everyone involved in your child’s education in saying that we can’t wait to reconnect with out students,” Vonada wrote to the families.

Additional information from the district principals on how to access the educational activities will be provided soon, he said.