IPEG getting grant money, tax credits

IPEG is set to receive grant money and tax credits for moving a Kentucky-based company to Franklin.

The move of Republic Machine Inc. from its Louisville base of operations to Franklin will result in 35 new jobs and the retention of 234 existing jobs, Gov. Tom Wolf said Monday in a press release.

“Our partnership with IPEG will result in the creation of new, good-paying jobs, and a renewed commitment to Pennsylvania by another manufacturer,” Wolf said in the release.

The grant money includes $100,000 in funding from the Department of Community and Economic Development and $70,000 in job creation tax credits along with an additional $15,000 for employee training.

The company has to retain workers in the new jobs before any tax credits are applied, said Heidi Havens, a DCED press officer.

The funding was secured through the work of the Oil Region Alliance and the Governor’s Action Team, which works with businesses that are considering relocating to or expanding in Pennsylvania.

“We have ambitious growth plans for IPEG over the next 10 to 15 years and are presently investing significant capital to support these plans,” said Chris Keller, president and CEO of IPEG.

Republic Machine was closed and production relocated to Franklin beginning in September. Changes have been made to the physical structure of the plant to accommodate the production.

“We always celebrate when we know of local businesses that are continuing to grow and expand,” said Deb Lutz, vice president of economic development for the Oil Region Alliance.

“The world economy is down,” said Alliance president John Phillips. The fact that IPEG is expanding in that environment is testament to strong leadership and a well-run company, Phillips said.

IPEG and its subsidiaries – Conair, Republic Machine and Thermal Care – serve the global plastics-processing, waste recycling and industrial heat-transfer markets.

Headquartered in Cranberry, Pa., IPEG employs more than 500 people worldwide.

“While a global business, we are proud of our western Pennsylvania roots. We are excited to be making this commitment to retain and grow our Pennsylvania-based workforce, and deeply appreciative of the state’s support of our efforts,” Keller said in the release.