Oil City native recalls broadcasting career in new book

A former Oil City resident who now lives in Brookville has published a book that asks the simple question, “Was Anybody Really Listening?”

“There were many times when I would be doing the sports radio show in West Virginia and I would be asking myself if anyone was out there listening at all,” said John Pozza, who is a Venango Christian High School graduate.

“Later I began to look at the media overall and asked if anyone was listening to what I was saying,” Pozza added.

Pozza says the media has certainly changed since he started in the business.

“Of course the technology has changed,” he said. “When I started doing sports for television I had to go to the game, film the entire game just to get a few highlights and then run back to the office 45 minutes away, edit the tape and have it ready for the 11:15 sports reel. Digital changed all of that. There is no more tape and you can upload the highlights from your phone,” he added.

Pozza relates numerous experiences from his broadcasting career and his interviews with well-known coaches and players in his book. He also includes assignments such as covering championship boxing matches and NCAA basketball tournaments.

Pozza says he wouldn’t change a thing in his career.

“It has been a great experience,” he said. “I would tell anyone getting into the business not to expect immediate success. It takes time to build a resume.”

He credits the Watershed writing group in Brookville with giving him the confidence to publish.

Pozza used Amazon to publish his book, which is also available on Amazon.