State grants permits for marijuana dispensaries

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Department of Health today granted 27 dispensary permits for medical marijuana dispensaries. Those with permits will now have six months in which to become operational before they can begin dispensing medical marijuana, the department said.

There will be 52 dispensaries throughout the commonwealth. Each of the 27 dispensary permit holders is eligible to open three locations. Some dispensary permit holders have opted not to open all eligible locations at this time.

There are two dispensary permit holders for the Northwest Region DuBois Wellness Center and GTI Pennsylvania.

DuBois Wellness Center plans to operate three dispensaries. The main dispensary will be located at 109 Main St. Bradford, McKean County; the second dispensary will be located 1222 South Brady St., DuBois, Clearfield County; and the third will be located at 240 W. Main St., Brookville, Jefferson County.

GTI plans to operate one dispensary at 7789 West Ridge Road, Fairview, Erie County.