Students work to stop hunger

stop-the-hunger-web-4stop-the-hunger-web-3stop-the-hunger-web-2Koen Carnahan, Kayden Carnahan, Matthew Raymond, Eva Raymond and Matthew Raymond were part of a group that met Thursday, April 7, 2016, at the Clarion Area Elementary School to put together 11,000 bags of food for third world countries. About 50 people, made up of elementary students, high school students and several groups of Clarion University students, came together to create this fun evening of charity. The organization Stop the Hunger puts together groups of people from different areas of the country to make assembly lines and package up bags of grain, rice and dried vegetables to send to counties where hunger is an issue. One bag of food can feed up to 6 people and are used by schools as incentives for parents to protect their kids by sending them to school. (Photos by Brett Whitling)