Thousands without power as high winds roar through state

Longtime Hazelwood resident Chris Crist stands in his yard observing the condemned home next door that collapsed due to strong winds Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019, along 2nd Ave. in Hazelwood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The only current damage to Crist's home, due to the collapse, is to the fence separating the houses. (AP)
The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Thousands of utility customers remain without power in Pennsylvania as high winds continue to roar through the state, knocking down trees and power lines.

About 144,200 customers were without power in Pennsylvania early Monday. But most of the affected customers were expected to have their service restored by Monday night at the latest.

Wind advisories and warnings remained in effect Monday for most of the state. The National Weather Service notes that the ground saturated from previous rain and snow melt, trees and power lines are more susceptible to strong winds.

A speed of 61 mph was recorded at the Pittsburgh airport.