Sugarcreek Council hears speeding, parking concerns

Sugarcreek police chief Bob Wenner addressed Sugarcreek Borough Council members Wednesday with a request to reduce the speed limit on a portion of Shaffer Run Road that leads into Reno from 45 to 25 miles per hour.

Wenner said there are several residences with children in that area and there have also been enough crashes there for him to believe that speed is an issue.

Wenner also said there is a bus stop that comes up pretty quickly, and he believes reducing the speed limit would help reduce crashes.

He also discussed adding a “reduced speed ahead” sign.

Council members were in agreement with Wenner’s suggestion, and the chief and borough solicitor Brian Spaid will work on an ordinance that would allow for the speed limit reduction in that area.

In other business at Wednesday’s monthly council meeting, a Fern Avenue resident addressed council about parking on that street.

Anastasia Askins said Fern Avenue only has parking on one side of the road. She asked for a handicapped parking spot to be placed in front of her grandmother’s house at the top of the hill on the road.

Askins said her grandmother lives on the side of the road that doesn’t allow parking.

Spaid said an ordinance would need changed for that to happen.

Council members agreed to do more research on the matter and then make a decision at an upcoming meeting.

In other action, council approved a request from maintenance foreman Doug Freer to purchase a new GMC truck to replace an old one for a price of $56,000.

Freer also said Shaffer Run Road was reopened Monday following a maintenance project involving water damage.

Freer was also asked about a pipe that is collapsing on Allenbaugh Road. The borough doesn’t legally own the pipe but is taking responsibility to clean it out as it is beyond repair and is a safety concern.

Council adopted a resolution that creates tobacco-free areas at playgrounds within the borough.

Borough administrator Joe Sporer said at last month’s meeting that signs would be put up that say “young lungs at play” at no cost to the borough if the resolution was approved.

Council also discussed taking the basketball court out last month due to damage being done to the playground.

Council member Larry Baughman suggested that a hidden camera system be hooked up, and he added he “wants to apprehend people before going to the step of eliminating the basketball court.”

Council directed Wenner to get a camera system in place.

And Sporer reminded residents that trick-or-treat hours in the borough will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31.


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